Camma Peak coffee comes from a single estate located in the heart of the coffee-growing sate of Coorg in India. Scroll down to get to know the estate and the unique family who has been running it for generations

Watering hole at Camma Peak Estate,

which is visited by elephants from time to time

Mr.Muthanna inspecting his coffee plants in the evening light

Camma Peak Estate
Coorg, India

The Slow coffee you are currently drinking comes from a lush, forested estate located in the heart of the mountainous state of Coorg in South of India. The land has been cared for by the Muthanna family for five generations and counting – their family was among the first ones to plant coffee when it arrived in India in the 1850s.

Some of the trees protecting the coffee plants are almost a 100-years old, and the forest is allowed to regenerate mostly on its own, with minimal intervention. Mr. Muthanna takes pride in the diversity of his forest – he has over 30 different native tree species growing on the hilly slopes of the estate. 


As a result of the plant life diversity – the animal life is equally diverse. It is common to watch 'Cama' (the small barking deer), scamper amongst the coffee bushes. The picturesque Hatti River and the water holes scattered amidst the plantation support approximately 85 varieties of birds. Several mammals like the Indian Bison also call Camma Peak plantation home. Even elephant families are known to visit from time to time!


The combination of the falling leaves and the organic materials contributed by the birds, animals and insects result in a unique, nutritious soil that give Camma Peak coffee fruity and exotic flavors. In addition, to fully preserve the flavors, the Muthanna family take great care in processing. The coffee berries are skillfully handpicked only once fully ripe and red. Part of the output is then sun dried imparting the rich and unique flavours of the berries to the bean. 

Mr. Muthanna and his family belong to a tribe- ' the Kodavas' that worship nature - and at Camma Peak, they strive to create a coffee that is a result of this reverence to the earth.  We at Slow love the results of their dedication and hope you do too!