The Coffee Farmers behind the blend

Mr. Oudome is a second-generation coffee farmer in Bolaven Plateau’s Nong-Kali village, and part of Jhing Jhai cooperative. The farmer group he is part of, used to rely on cabbage farming to earn a living until they were introduced to coffee farming in the mid-1990s. Since then, Mr. Oudome has become one of the most skilled coffee farmers in the region, together with his wife Ms. Deng or ‘Meg’ (whose coffee is featured in some of our other Slow coffees).


As the village chief, Mr. Oudome is a prominent member of the region and always greets visitors with a welcoming smile before showing them around his quaint but pristine farm. One of his favorite relics is a Vietnam-era US Airforce jacket that he enjoys wearing during the rainy season.


Mr. Oudome’s coffee farming combines modern techniques, traditional practices, and a strong work ethic. We’re big fans of the coffee he works hard to produce, and we have a hunch you’re going to love it, too!

Mr. Oudome
Coffee Grower
Nong Kali Village