By Mr. Samlieng


High up in Houay-Wai  Village, sits this 10 hectare farm, surrounded by the gentle shade of trees and lush, green landscape of the Bolaven Plateau in Laos.


 Mr.Sumlieng, his wife, and 3 children, carry on ancestor traditions - growing a variation of coffee beans through sustainable means. The land seems almost untouched, and it’s their natural cultivation techniques that create fresh and clean coffee in every drip.


With 26 years of growing coffee beans behind him, Mr. Sumlieng is well known in his community - regularly hosting celebrations and sharing the fruits of his labour with his neighbours. He loves what he does, so he never works a day in his life; proud to share his bean with the world, and happy to oblige coffee connoisseurs everywhere.


Size: 10 ha

Altitude: 1151 m 

Coffees grown: Tipica, Catimor, Robusta