Mr. Kikeo

Houay Wai Village

Bolaven Plateau, Laos


Coffee farmer

Great things come in small packages, or in this case, small farms. Mr.Kikeo, his wife, and two children tend to this cozy 1.5 hectare farm in Houay-Wai Village, farming coffee for Fimpec.


Mr.Kikeo and family have focused all their effort on the natural cultivation of their bean since the 1980’s. The farm is on high ground, shadowed by canopies made of trees, with a rich and teeming soil.

The Kikeo family are embedded as pillars in their community, forming strong bonds through celebration. Known for his humor and his strength, Mr.Kikeo does most of the heavy lifting on his farm at the age of 59. When their not tending to their crop, you can find them by the fireside, sharing stories of their ancestors.



Size: 1.5 ha

Altitude: 1111 m