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Slow works slowly and at nature's pace - to fulfill our mission of growing great coffee and preserving and regenerating the world's forests.


Slow Coffee is grown by 140 individual smallholder families on the Bolaven Plateau in Laos, who all grow their coffee under the gentle shade of trees, practicing the art of agroforestry. 

Scroll through to learn more about agroforestry and nature-positive coffee.



An agroforest is a planted or natural forest with agriculture embedded. A coffee agroforest is one in which coffee plants are grown.

By planting trees and bushes alongside existing coffee plants, the planted forest will, over time, closely mimic a natural forest that will attract and host a variety of insects and wildlife. This environment is far more generative than the existing coffee monocultures and excellent for producing quality coffee, as it resembles the original conditions under which coffee naturally grew.



Slow is in the business of nature-positive coffee. The term refers to halting and reversing the loss of nature by 2030, a Global Goal for Nature laid out by prominent scientists and leaders like Johan Rockström, Paul Polman and Peter Bakker.

In practice, it means that Slow works towards:

> Capturing more carbon in our coffee forests than is emitted in the rest of our production. This carbon capture occurs naturally in agroforests without buying carbon credits or offsets. 

> Bringing back more biodiversity in our coffee forests by growing and preserving native plants and trees that work to attract and host insects and wildlife.

> Ensuring that local ecosystems are cleaner and healthier through natural processing and no harmful practices.

> Helping more people out of poverty by paying them a living income that is sustainable, fair and equitable. We also support and work closely with local towns to ensure thriving communities.

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