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Mr. Ngae
Pudamkhuan village

Boleave Plateau, Laos


Coffee Farmer 

This family farm is brewing with love and helpfulness. Together, Mr.Ngae, his wife Mrs.Toui, roll up their sleeves and tend to their 6 Hectare farm on the Bolaven Plateau, farming coffee for KPMG.


Passed down through generations, tradition plays a big role in technique here. Following in his parents’ footsteps, Mr.Ngae prides himself for growing beans on high land, under the blissful shade of surrounding trees, through sustainable cultivation methods.


Their chemical free farm sits on volcanic soil, ideal grounds for some of the world's most exotic coffee beans.


Mr.Ngae is also known for his petanque skills; he loves his beef soup and enjoys a glass of his favourite local whiskey with his closest companions.


Size: 6 ha

Altitude: 1053 m 

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