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Nurturing people and nature.

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Image by Afrah
[2021 - 2] SLOW 1kg Bag – Front.png

Extra Dark Roast

Our Extra Dark Roast is perfect for those who

prefer coffee with full,

strong taste...

Image by Afrah
Classic Espresso WB 1KG.png

Classic Espresso

Our Classic Espresso has a unique flavour representing notes of rich cocoa and hazelnut...

Image by Afrah
[2021 - 6] SLOW 1kg Bag – Front.png

Dark Roast

Our popular Dark Roast is a flavourful, gentle blend with rich notes of cocoa and a hint of liquorice...

Image by Afrah
Dark Espresso WB 1KG.png

Dark Espresso

Our intensive  Dark Roast Espresso offers an undeniably bold aroma...

Image by Afrah
[2021 - 5] SLOW 1kg Bag – Front.png

Medium Roast

The carefully adjusted roast level of our Medium Roast brings out the delicate sweetness and aroma...

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