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Interested in getting to know Arnolds’ coffee?

Here are more details for you:

Take a closer look at your partner community...

Nonsoung Village is located in Bolaven Plateau in Southern Laos. It has been a long tradition for the locals to cultivate their coffee under the gentle shade of towering trees. This agroforestry farming system has been passed down to generations to produce great-tasting coffee while protecting and preserving biodiversity.

Nonsoung Village Video

Arnolds’ coffee is a coffee with a mission...

Arnolds, together with Slow, directly addresses eight of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.


How do we improve the farmers’ incomes?

Together with Arnolds, we implement a 360° approach to improve the livelihoods of the micro-farmers from Nonsoung Village. Our team is on-the-ground and conducts interviews with farmers to understand their needs, so that we can craft plans and programs that are truly beneficial for the farmers.

Farmers' Benefit

Why is Arnolds’ coffee better for the environment?

Arnolds and Slow together aim to create a harmonious ecosystem in which nature and wildlife thrive. Coffee grown in an agroforest, like Arnolds’, carbon emissions are reduced dramatically compared to monoculture coffee plantations. Trees in an agroforest store large amounts of carbon in the soil and the tree trunks, stems and roots.

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